Joe3Photography offers a variety of services including photo editing, logo & design, photo manipulations, and all types of photography.



Services & Price List:



Weddings & Engagements: call for pricing

Portraits & Head Shots: $50 (includes advanced touch-up)


Small Family Portraits on location: $400 (includes advanced touch-up & all pics get basic service)

Big Family Portraits on location: $500 (includes advanced touch-up & all pics get basic service) 

Surf & Sport Video & Photography: $300 One hour, $100 extra per hour (includes basic photo edit for top 100 pictures)



Basic Photo Editing Service: $15 - $20 per photo

Basic Service Includes: Color correcting, lighting, remove shadows. removing someone from the background, minor touch up, resizing or cropping image.



Advanced Editing Service: $50 per hour

*Photo Manipulation

Advanced touch up / Re-sculpturing

Restoration or retouching

Commercial ads 

Event posters or flyers

Holiday Cards

Logo design



*Photo manipulations are a great source for inspiration. We can do fantasy art, body sculpturing, lighting effects, photo retouching. How it works is you can either send us a high-quality image you'd like us to manipulate. Or get photographed in our studio and we will create a new background and add the missing pieces. We can apply digital make-up, change clothing, create a fantasy costume or armor, skin art, body paint. You dream it and we'll bring it to life.